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Monday, April 30, 2012

Steps to vote in DiGi Wwwwow Awards 2012

In conjunction of the DiGi Wwwow Awards 2012, here are some steps on how to vote for your favourite entries;

STEP 1 : Click on your preferred link or entries

for example; fave kay poh - http://t.co/2v3KTn7K

STEP 2 : Click "VOTE NOW"

STEP 3: Click " OK" on " are you sure you'd like to vote this entry?" pop-up page as below

STEP 4: Login via FB or Twitter (or both)

tips: after done voting via FB, logout and login again via twitter (if any). from there u will get the chance to vote twice a day.

STEP 5 : Share and spread!


this is my everyday voting list;

fave kay poh - http://t.co/2v3KTn7K
blogger of d year - http://t.co/RuoMVOF2
Online shop - http://t.co/3V89ev1U
Funniest video - http://t.co/8urhiLNF

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Featured : Jejariruncing

We are proudly to announce that we are supporting Elia Jejariruncing in her first ever contest - "Lu Kongsi Lu Baik Hati - Part 1"!

do follow her blog now so that u wont miss the opportunity to win one of our products in the lucky draw!!

contest ends 29 Apr 2012 (Sunday), 11pm